have a alright day




Under the name of an Alt Rock recording project, Leena is a multi- instrumentalist that writes, records, performs and has produces her music in her home studio. Over the past year of experimenting with other genres and collaborating with other artists, she has solidified her own sound and has gone back to what got her to pick up the guitar in the first place; being a one-woman rock band.





She sparkles with in-depth excellence in empathy, thrust by the energy of her guitar play, songs like her ‘Unfinished Love Song’ is majestic and kind. Leena calls herself a ‘one-woman band’. Feels much grander than that, to be sure.
— comeherefloyd
The choruses are catchy, the verses are strong, and the vocals are magnetically velvety. But appreciating that the single was the work of just one person in their bedroom studio allows you to see that Leena may just be the prodigal daughter of DIY Rock.
— A&R factory
Leena Rodriguez out of Toronto is spartan stripped down rock with sharp edges albeit sort of pushed through power pop filters and while parts can feel safe and sound there are heavy forays into alternative and classic rock sounds with real punch too.
— American Pancake
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Have A Alright Day

by MBG